Social Media Marketing – Say More On Twitter

The time has finally come where Twitter users can convey their annoyance with the 140 character limit in more detail, since Twitter has officially affirmed that they have extended the character limit to 280 per Tweet! The social networking provider, which was launched in 2006, grew swiftly to become one of the most fashionable social […]

An Overview Of SSL Changes – What It Means For Your Website

In today’s ever-changing online environment, it’s critical that businesses Google’s best practices to ensure they remain competitive in their respective online markets. With Google being the most dynamic and influential company online, it’s indispensable for them to keep up with all the threats and opportunities that the internet offers. Consequently, Google releases a myriad of […]

How To Recover From A Social Media Fail

There’s no doubt that social media is a considerable element of internet marketing strategies for many businesses. Having over one billion active users on Facebook alone offers remarkable opportunities for business in a variety of different ways. Evidently, advertising is the biggest opportunity for companies, but there’s also an excellent opportunity for businesses to connect […]